yup ni twitter hakoo nak follow ke taknak follow sukehati hang :b.


Friends? :)

                             * canyoubeMybestFriendsUntilJannah ? hehe kmyenglish-.-

We need Friends because they play an important role in our lives.Friends are always there for us .They laugh with us in the happy times and to provide us with a shoulder when we feel like crying .Friends also accept us as when we are at fault .It is said that whether we need to hear the bitter truth about ourselves ,we should go to our best friend.He orshe will never lie to us , just to please us and win our favours .we can always count on our friends , whether we need any advice or any help .The best part is that a friend's advice will always be for us to improve whether we it hurts us or pleases.friends are the one who care for us .They bring a smile on our face when we are sad and they try to to make things alright for us .Friends are the ones with whom we can share our darkest secrects , without beingworrid of thembeing leaked .Friends feel happy at our success and sad at our failure .They share all our feelings and make us feel that there somebody who still cares for us . thankyou friends , love you xoxo! . assalamualaikum :)       

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